Natural Playdough Recipe

The developmental outcomes and sensory benefits of using playdough make for a versatile play experience. It is a valuable resource to use in play all year-round! I have manipulated the dough to suit the upcoming festive season. You can see there are so many ways to play, it really is up to the individual and their choice. When children follow their play preferences, this leads to a deeper level of engagement.

So here is a really simple recipe to try this season.


Nature Paints - 1 tsp of each colour

Flour - 2 cups

Table Salt - 1/2 cup

Olive Oil- 2 tbsp

Cream of tar tar - 2 tbsp

Boiled water - 1 1/4 cup

Bio Glitter (optional) Earth Angel or Christmas Tree 


Combine flour, salt, oil and cream of tar tar.

Carefully pour in boiling water and mix.

Leave to cool until warm to touch and knead the dough.

Separate into 4 batches and sprinkle 1 tsp of each desired nature paint colour.

Knead until combined. You can also add 2 complimentary colours and observe the colour changing process.

Add Bio Glitter for a touch of magic. 

Store in an air tight container in the fridge. If dough becomes dry you can add a really small amount of water to revitalise.